Q: What social media networks can you grow?

A: We only work Twitter and/or Instagram.


Q: I want to subscribe to this but I do not know how.

A: We talk to the clients before we agree to work with them. Please, send us an email to alberto@leadsprospection.com and we will go from there.


Q: Can I try the service first?

A: Yes, just send us an email to alberto@leadsprospection.com and if everything is cool we will do our magic for 14 days for free, if you are happy, you become a client afterwards.


Q: How do you grow my audience?

A: We show you around, in a way. We automatize the two most productive ways to get followers: following others and liking content.


Q: How do you know the users that you get are natural?

A: We follow real people with real accounts. It is possible that some of them are managed by a machine but most of the followers you get are just normal people that fall within your areas of interest.


Q: How do you know my areas of interest?

A: You tell us before hand.


Q: I do not want to follow a lot of users. I want to have more followers than people I follow.

A: We can do that. Actually, we do more than that, we strive for getting you a perfect follower-following ratio (one with many followers and few following).


Q: Can they ban or suspend my account?

A: Yes. But it has never happened to us. We work with clients that want to get more audience for what they do. To the best of our knowledge, we avoid working with spammers. Publishing spam is the major cause in getting banned. Publish normal and useful content and we’ll get you followers.


Q: Do you accept responsibility for the banning or suspension of my account?

A: No. Since it depends on more actions in which we are not involved, we cannot accept responsibility. We make the automatization as natural as if you yourself were playing with the app to avoid getting banned. For more info on this, please read our Terms and Conditions.


Q: How many users am I expected to get?

A: It depends on many factors: your field of interest, your postings per day (we recommend 1 at least for Instagram and 2 for Twitter). However, in small accounts (1-1500 followers) we usually get from 10 to 50 followers a day.


Q: Does it work everyday?

A: It works everyday but you should expect to see an irregular trend of followers. One day you will freak out with getting so many followers, the next your bubble may explode. It is the way it works.


Q: Do you have access to my account?

A: Yes, we need access to your account. However, we will never use your credentials to enter Instagram or Twitter, nor we will post anything on your behalf. We use your credentials to log you in to our system to start getting followers, that is it. If you have double verification on your account, you should get a notification when someone from a different device enters your account. That won’t happen with us.


Q: I got a message from Twitter/Instagram asking to verify my acount using a mobile phone. What is wrong?

A: Nothing. Both Social Media apps try to prevent the creation of fake accounts and we are grateful for that. To be safer, you should verify your account using a mobile phone. Not doing it may cause your account to get banned or suspended. As long as you publish normal content, you are OK.


Q: I want to cancel the service. How do I do it?

A: Send an email to alberto@leadsprospection.com and we will stop managing your account. If it so happens that you just paid for the next month and want your money back, we are afraid we cannot do so. It is a mess for a few bucks and we cannot get into that. We hope you understand.


Q: I want you to manage two or more accounts, how do we go about that?

A: In this case, cool! And, please subscribe to the service using the Subscribe button two times or as many times as needed and when you land to the Thank you page that explains what we require from you, please send us as many mails with the required info as accounts you want us to manage. It is the only way to keep it neat.


Q: Do you unfollow users? What if I do not want to unfollow specific users?

A: We can whitelist followers. That is not an issue.